Kingswood Nurseries grows a named variety of Podocarpus called
Dwarf Pringles, Pringles Dwarf or Pringilii.

After finishing college, our owner Harold DeVane worked for G.W. Pringle, the owner of Florida Nursery and Landscape Company. While at Florida Nursery and Landscape Company, Harold purchased a Podocarpus Pringles Dwarf and planted it at his mother-in-law's house. That one plant is the source of all our Podocarpus Pringles Dwarf, and we are confident that, for 39 years, we have grown clones of the original plant as sold by G.W. Pringle.

The plant has dark green foliage. The growth is spreading and does not usually grow with a defined central leader. The spread is equal to or greater than the height. It responds well to pruning, making a tight plant that can be pruned to a formal or informal shape. We have observed hedges in parking lots maintained at 24-30" for 15 years or more, and they are gorgeous. Even though the plant can be maintained at 24-30", it ultimately could reach 5-6'x 6-7' if it is allowed to grow unchecked.

Pringle's Dwarf Podocarpus can thrive in hot parking lots as long as it receives irrigation. It will grow well in full sun to partial shade. It is an excellent compact Podocarpus.

Insect problems are few. Aphids do appear on it, but the plant isn't sensitive to them.

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